Headphone mic didn't work - now it does, but headphone speakers don't

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Oct 17, 2007
  1. Hey everybody,

    I bought the headsets. They've got a microphone as well.

    Now I've got three ports: pink, green and this colorless one.

    My regular speakers go in the colorless port, while the headphone microphone goes into the pink one and the headset speakers.

    The thing is speakers on the headsets, as well as my regular speakers worked, but the microphone on the headsets didn't, so I tried to fix the problem, and eventually did, that is the microphone works, but the speakers on the headsets don't ! :(

    However, by inserting the headphone's speakers into the colorless port (where my regular speakers are put), in that case the headphones work, but why don't they work when I pluck them in the green port? Previously, when the microphone didn't work, the headphone's speakers worked, but after I 'fixed' the microphone problem, the headphone's speakers stopped working.

    Please help me, as this is of great importance, and I've been trying to fix this problem for several hours. :(
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    That colorless port might be for input devices, that does not include headphones. I had the same problem with my audigy 2 zs, had to plug my headset into a speaker port, its really the only way to get them to work, unless you have front panel ports for headphones.
  3. wh4t3v3r

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    It appears that we have a misunderstanding.

    This is the scenario:

    Speakers ---> Colorless port
    Headphones ---> Green port
    Mic---> Pink port

    And for some reason, the mic did not work.

    So I looked around my computer, and I managed to make the mic work, but the headphones no longer work, while plucked into the green port.

    However, if I pluck the headphones into the colorless port, they work....but in that case the speakers don't work, as I have to pluck them into the green port.

    While I was trying to make my mic work, I somehow disabled the green port by accident, at least it appears so.

    Please help!
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    you may have to make sure surround sound is enabled, w/e is available on your card. If its set to "stereo speaker" it will only work for 2 speakers, but if you can put it on 4/5/1 this may enable all the speakers.
  5. wh4t3v3r

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    the weird thing is that the headphones and the speakers worked together while the mic didn't, so I'm pretty sure my sound card can do that.

    Can you give me info on how to check that or how to activate it somehow, because I am certain that while trying to fix the mic I somewhere disabled it or something.

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    [the edit didn't bump the post XD ]

    halp please!
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    bump again
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    I am still hoping someone will provide an answer... ;D
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    i know how to do this everybody

    ok everybody, i know how to do this, at the back of your computer there is different types of colour holes. at the front there is 2.
    the red1 is for the microphone and the green1 is for the headphones.
    try pluging it in there and if that dont work try this.
    at the back of your computer there is lots of plug in's.
    at the bottom there is a red1 and a green1. if you got something in the green1 and the red1 take them out.
    put the microphone in the red1 and the headphones in the green1.
    and it should work.
    thank you everybody.
    from vigushan gnanadevan.
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    hello people
  11. techniques

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