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Jul 23, 2004
  1. So I have desktop speakers, though i cannot always use them when other people are in the room. So I decided that i would just plug headphones in and use them when other people are in the room. I went to COMPUSA to ask them exactly how i would set it up so i could have headphones as well as speakers plugged into my computer. They suggested that a splitter would do the trick. So i buy the splitter, and it doesnt solve my problem. I still get sound out of my speakers, but only get quiet fuzz out of the headphones. What am I doing wrong? Am i missing some important step? Any help would be appreciated. I am not incredibly computer savvy, though i do know more than most and can follow directions well. Please help me.
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    The easiest thing would be plugging your headphones to speakers' headphone jack, if they have one. If not, you'll probably have to unplug the speakers and plug headphones to your soundcard instead. A normal splitter doesn't cut out speakers, and different impedance between speakers and headphones causes the volume difference. You'd need a switch instead of a splitter.
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    Thats' why I really like the old venerable Santa Cruise card, because I can use the versajack for the phones, and still use speakers and just mute them when usind headphones.
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    my computer came without any headphone jacks. thats why i am having this problem. can you explain this "switch" that you speak of a little more?? i would really like to figure this out. thanks for the help so far.
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    The 'versajack' feature you refer to is found on the santa cruz soundcard and enables you to configure the inputs/outputs to your own desired parameters - a very useful feature - and one that I miss as my santa cruz has shuffled off this mortal coil.
    If your using an headphone splitter (one male 3.5 plug terminating in two female inputs) it should output sound to your amp and headphones equally - if this is'nt happening but your headphones and amp work separately, then the fault is with the splitter - buy a Y splitter, they only cost around £1-£3.
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