heat lockups?

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May 2, 2003
  1. I read where other users have higher heat readings and don't have lockup problems. I have an Athlon 2000XP with a k7s5a mobo, radeon 9000 pro card, 450 watt power supply, 2 cd drives, 2 hd's. My processor temp is 52 C as I write this (with an open case), case is 25 C. My computor locks frequently when using more graphics intensive games or even graphics oriented screensavers (?). It seems that the games will run for a while and then lock when the system warms up. If I run the covers on the case, it happens even more frequently.
    I have a fan on the front of my case pullng air in, 2 fans on the rear blowing air out, a fan blowing on the cpu, and two fans on my power supply.
    My temps are on the higher end of users, but I haven't read where others are having lockup problems with these temps. I know that I can get better cooling options (for a price), but I am curious why my system is this unstable when it is not close to the die temp for the processor.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Hi atomhart, welcome to Techspot forums!

    If these lockups occur only when the graphics card is doing something intensive, don't you think it could be more related to it than to CPU temperature? I would think graphics oriented screen savers don't tax XP 2000+ too much. So, my suggestion is to try different settings on your gfx card or AGP bus, possibly different drivers, too.

    By the way, do these lockups happen on both Direct3D and OpenGL games?
  3. LNCPapa

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    If I remember correctly OpenGL uses 100% of your CPU time - all the time. I don't think this is true of D3D if you have enough CPU time though. I have had many many many issues with heat on my Athlon XP 2100+ as of late and that is one of the reasons I'm switching back to Intel. I have a custom aluminum case from OCSystem.com - has two intake fans at the front/bottom of the case, an intake fan on the side panel, an exhaust fan on top of the case, and an exhaust fan at the top/rear of the case. It also has the exhaust fan from the power supply and another fan mounted perpendicular to the PCI/AGP cards pulling heat away from them. I can't wait to build my next Intel machine - I have 9 Intel machines - none of which have EVER had heat problems (even with overclocking - I don't overclock anymore though). Just know that I feel your pain, it probably is heat related, and your problem will probably go away if you make a bit more effort to lower your temps (better CPU HSF or something.) I'm not putting any more effort into mine.

  4. Arris

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    I've now had 4 AMD processors and never had a heat issue with any of them. Only the latest one has been a problem but only due the extreme overclocking I am doing to it...

    Maybe it is because I live in not so warm Scotland ;)
  5. atomhart

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    I guess it could be the video card. However, it seems that it dies when cpu temps are high. I'll try changing some settings on the card. I need to get a better cooler for the cpu and then I might see it go away or I may find that it is the video card or something else.
    I also had a 1.1 athlon with the same video card and never had a problem.
    Anyone that has a similar chip and has found a good cooler, let me know. Also, space is tight so it has to be smaller, not a giant heatsink. Thanks for the help.
  6. Supra

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    I have an XP 2000+ on a Epox 8K3A+. At idle I run at about 40C with a case temp of 28C. After playing for an hour or so of counter-strike it has got as high as 65C and the case temp got up to 31C. Thats only because I shut the door on my desk otherwise it would only get to 60C. My temps may look higher than yours but they might not be since my motherboard is one of the very few that read the temp directly from the processor and not the sensor on the motherboard. I've heard that motherboard sensors give out a reading that is around 10C cooler than the processors diode. I've never had any lockups due to temps and I've had this setup for almost 6 months. I use a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ on the low speed setting, if I put it on high my cpu temp drops 9C but the noise level is unbearable unless I wear headphones.
  7. atomhart

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    65C is common for my cpu, although it will lock at that temp (or before that temp). I will probably have to bear the noise and go with a higher cfm fan and hs to get my temps down, just haven't had time yet. I saw a picture and specs of the Volcano 7+ and it looked like a good option.
    Or I could put my whole case in the freezer and run longer cables, lol.
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