Heatsink retaining bracket removal/replacement

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Sep 30, 2006
  1. Hello all...

    I have a D865PERL mobo and a P4 3.0E CPU (socket 478). I am looking to replace the stock heatsink/fan but I need to know if the *retaining bracket* for the heatsink is removable/replaceable *without* removing the mobo. I am looking to install a *Thermalright XP-90* along with a *Panaflo 92mm Fan High Speed (FBA09A12H-A)* that should work with the current retaining bracket. I figure if the retaining bracket is replaceable *without* removing the mobo, I will go ahead and order a metal version of the retaining bracket to replace the current plastic one. But if it's not replaceable without removing the mobo I will have to pass because I am not experienced enough to be messing with removing a mobo.

    Thanks in advance for any help/insight anyone can offer. BTW, my system was built by a friend but I am unable to contact him at the moment. And researching this online and at Intel's web site etc., has been unsuccessful.
  2. KingCody

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    hi mdexter2,

    I went on Intel's website to find some pics of that motherboard. they have a nice page on the D865PERL that lets you view the board from all angles. going by the pics i saw, you should be able to remove the bracket without removing the motherboard. it appears that it uses plastic pins & anchors to hold the bracket to the motherboard. (make sure there are no screws holding it as well)

    1. the little white pins (they look like white circles from above) in each corner will need to be pulled (or pried) out.

    2. once you have all four white pins removed, you can pull the bracket right off the motherboard. it will take a small amount of force to compress the anchors as you pull up on the bracket.

    that's it!

    if it the bracket uses another retention method that requires the removal of the motherboard, don't worry it's very simple. the only tool you need is a phillips screwdriver. if you're worried about all the wires... don't be. they only fit where they're supposed to go. if you're still worried, then take a picture before you unplug anything so you'll have an idea of where each wire goes.

    hope this helps, cheers :wave:
  3. mdexter2

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    Hey KingCody!

    Thanks very much and it more than helps! Don't know why I couldn't find the info myself but thankfully there are forums like this one where excellent advice and guidance can be found. :grinthumb (Much appreciated!) The only thing that concerns me now is pulling the bracket off the mobo and the *small* amount of force needed to compress the anchors. How can I tell if the force being applied is too much before finally deciding it may be best to remove the mobo because the anchors prove too stubborn or something? (I Wouldn't want to end up damaging the mobo due to trying to avoid removing it.) :confused:
  4. KingCody

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    the plastic is very thin (to allow for flexibility) so it won't take much force. if you pull hard enough to worry about damaging the board and it won't come off, then there may be something else (i.e. screw?) holding it down, but in the pics on intel's site there was nothing but the four pins holding it.

    HINT: it will probably be easier to pull one corner at a time ;)

  5. mdexter2

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    Okay, thanks again for all the info/tips/hints and have a great weekend! :giddy:
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