Hell with iTunes latest v 10.4 offering

By BritPaul
Aug 29, 2011
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  1. Hi

    Don't know how many Brits like me on here but nice to meet you all!

    Hell hath no fury like an i-Tunes user scorned and v 10.4 for Windows is a masochistic upgrade that seems to prevent the user from accessing i-Tunes store. Anybody else experience this, and if yes, any solutions known?
  2. SNGX1275

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    I noticed with Little Snitch on OS X that after the 10.4 upgrade I got asked about connecting to the App Store. With Little Snitch, it flags everything that goes in and out and you have the choice to approve forever, once, or until you quit the app. For things like iTunes I would have selected 'forever'. Since I got asked again, I just assumed it changed what port it wanted to connect on.

    tl;dr - check your hardware or software firewall isn't blocking it.
  3. BritPaul

    BritPaul TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Txs SNG.

    I never got the options you refer to with Windows.

    I checked out my problem on an Apple forum, which was overloaded with people, like myself, struggling with i-Tunes v 10.4 for both Windows and Mac.

    I run XP pro on a Toshiba Tecra.

    I don't know how i-Tunes, and Bonjour for that matter, are ported on my Toshiba but this has never been a problem on v10.3 or earlier i-Tunes versions. I checked out the firewall exceptions and everything looked as per v10.3. I even unchecked them and re-checked them but v10.4 has the same problem of not being able to access the i-Tunes store and the CPU is 100% powered up making my laptop run hot and stressed. This looks like a common problem on the Apple forum.

    The only solution I found, so far, to make i-Tunes function, is to completely uninstall 10.4 with Revo and to re-install v10.3, which functions fine and I can access the i-Tunes Store again.

    I have tried installing v10.4 twice without success, removing it completely with Revo both times. I am of the opinion there is a compatibility issue at play and await an admission from Apple with a belated update.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, sounds like it was a poor release. I'm 90% sure the port it wanted was 443 (and it needs 80 as well). If you've got those open, you'll probably just have to wait for an update :blackeye:

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