Hello there. Need some advice on what to do.

By sicks
Oct 8, 2005
  1. Hello all.
    I managed to find this website about 2-3 hours ago and it has alot of cool tools and information to help computer illiterate nubs like myself.

    Anyways I would like some advice if you are kind enough to spare some.
    (hope this is the right thread)

    I got empire earth 2 few days ago and have noticed alot of "screen lag"
    After looking and trying a few things like deleting temp files, basic pc clean up etc Im stuck as what to do as this problem keeps happening.It did get slightly better after pc clean up but nowhere near like what it was a few months ago.

    My pc specs (as much as I know off hand) are as follows:

    intel pent 2.8
    512 mb pc3200 ram
    Geforce fx5200 vid
    80gb hdd
    sound blaster audigy
    asus p4s800 m/b

    Well anyways It used to be a nice pc then I started loading stuff on it and have notice my ram slowly disapearing,I would like to know if getting more ram (looking at 2x 512stix of pc3200 ram) although I still dont know the difference between low and high density etc.. would fix my problem or is the rest of the pc not quite upto scratch for EE2.

    Any ideas on what to do would be much appreciated and I hope im not asking too much but if it is the ram that needs a boosting Could you gimme a hint or 2 as 2 what type of ram. eg Oem low high density etc. All I been able to find so far is pc3200 .

    Thanks in advance
  2. DonNagual

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    For gaming, you have two things that are limiting you. Your ram and your video card. Nowadays, 1Gb of ram is pretty much the standard. If you are wanting to play the newer games, you'll need to upgrade for good framerates. Your board supports non-ECC DDR SDRAM (maximum of 2 dimms if you are wanting to use PC3200 512Mb each).

    But another biggy for your system is that graphics card. The 5200 is not enough power for today's games at all. You have an AGP8X slot ready for a nice card to slide in there. Even something cheap like a 9800 pro or a 6600 would make a huge difference, but if you really want to see some high resolution gaming and have the bucks to blow, go up to the 6800GT card (for example).
  3. Merc14

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