Hellp my cpu fan has failed

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Dec 24, 2004
  1. Hi up untill 2 weeks ago i was happy with cpu temps being idle my cpu was 42c and case being 28c and after long gamming sessions cpu 47 to 48c and case 30c. I use motherboard monitor 5. My temps in the last 2 weeks however have been idle cpu 50c and case 28c and after gamming sessions cpu 54 to 56c and case 30c ialso noticed in the last two weeks my fan rpm have hit 5 figure numbers and from what ive heard thats not normal. Anyway on this tuesday just i booted up my pc and went on aol and kept my motherboard monitor dashboard up. I noticed my pc didnt seem as noisy as usual so i looked inside case and the cpu fan was running ok and then about 5 mins later my cpu had hit 54c and i looked at the dashboard and i then saw that my cpu fan rpm read 0 so i looked incase and the the cpu fan had stopped working so i shut down my pc straight away. I have started it up twice since and on both occasions the cpu fan has not worked.So what i need to know is:

    A: Is this just a case of getting a new cpu fan as the rest of my pc and components are working ok or is there another problem that could be causing this that i dont know about?. Ive got a amd athlon xp2400+(2gig) with stock heatsink and fan.
    B:Also if i cant find a fan on its own and have to get a new heatsink as well as a fan do i have to use fermal heat greese or compound dont know what is called or can i just put the heatsink and fan on with out it as my monthley mag pc gammer done a article on build your own pc for 500pound and a step by step guide on how to build it and they put in the cpu and just plugged the heatsink onto the cpu they never mentioned about putting on fermal compound.

    Can some one please help as im using my mothers really ancient pc for the net at the moment paul
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    You should be able to replace the fan.

    If however you do decide to replace the heatsink as well then yes you would need to use thermal paste.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. Isnt it a little strange how all these monitored fan systems seem to be troublesome. A copper heatsink would enhance the durability of your system as there seems to be a lot of fans failing.
  4. Astro

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    Yeah you can just replace the cpu fan and you'll be fine.

    There's some good and bad news here. First, the bad news: Athlon CPU fans are notoriously difficult to remove and install...you have to clamp down and all this stuff that should not be near as hard as it is. Luckily for me Intel made it really simple with the P4 Northwoods, as it was extremely simple to install the cpu fan with my P4 2.6 ghz. Now the good news: AMD stock fans are usually loud and have little if any copper. Now you can get a variable speed fan that is made entirely of copper. I recommend Thermaltake and you can expect to spend about US$30. It's worth the money.
  5. Ea$Y

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    Yeah thermaltake has some nice sink/fan combos as of late.
    I can barely replace a heatsink without removing the board - for fear of nudging a capacitor or damaging the board in some way. Best to do it safely i guess. I dont know what amd stock fans are aluminum instead of copper- especially when Amd appeals to the gaming oem market.

  6. bushwhacker

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    AMD OEM/Retail CPU heatsink is made out of Aluminum with fan. It is best idea if you have a high perfomance copper heatsink and fan from ThermalTake; or get ALPHA heatsink with separated fan (Vantec Sealth). Either works.


    P.S. same goes to P4 OEM/Retail CPU heatsink made out of aluminum with fan.
  7. MiffyMike1207

    MiffyMike1207 TS Rookie

    yea..ive had two case fans go out on me in my case and another one that malfunctions from time to time...its a common problem in case fans

    newer thermaltake heatsinks are awesome...i cant wait to get my new one
  8. akaivan

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    yea im havin a problem with my cpu fan 2.I cant take it off!! it works and everything but the heatsing is stuffed with dust and my computer freezes!Its a p4 intel fan. help anyone?
  9. techzilla

    techzilla TS Rookie

    just replaced my athlon64 stock fan

    i put in my cpu fan from my athlonXP, its not that special but anything would be better than the garbage that was preassembled
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