Help: AIM will not work because of spyware.

By thisisgoodbie
Dec 21, 2004
  1. I have recently downloaded Ad Aware's most recent version in order to get rid of three programs on my computer that are interfering with my AIM. They are "Search Extender", "Search Assistant", and "Shopping Wizard." I then performed a full system scan on Ad Aware and came up with 293 items i needed to remove.. i have never had a spyware removal program obviously. And i tried to get rid of these by checking them, quarintining them, and lastly deleting them using Ad Aware but it never completes the deleting process, it freezes up after quarintining the files. So the three programs are still on my computer and i can not find a way to manually uninstall them. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can get rid of these three programs so i can use AIM once again? Thanks.
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