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Aug 24, 2005
  1. Hi
    Im a new college student at OCC (a college in southern CA), and before going to there I have some money that I'd like to spent on, so far I'm want to buy a PSP, I saw the commercial, its pretty descend. All I know about a PSP is that it can play music, videos, and gaming. But I like to know how long does that thing really last? is there a memory to it?(like a memory ram in computer) and is there a storage to it? if so how much? since I want to upload videos and music. Is there an upgrade to this? beside the skin. And any other things that i should know or be aware of?
    Much appreciated! :)
  2. harrisdurrani

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    DUDE if you wana get a Portable gaming device i'd get a DS

    DS Simply has much better games....and Very unique and creative games like the new nintendogs is fantastic...

    you can go on any professional gaming website and see for yourself the psp doesnt really have decent games...

  3. Didou

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    Other then the UMD disc it uses I believe the PSP also uses Memory Stick PRO Duo (sony proprietary format if I'm not mistaken). I know you can upload things via USB or WiFi but I don't know what's the available (free) memory of the machine out of the box.

    I suppose if it can play MP3s & such, it must have some space to store them.
  4. Magniitude

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    Yea but who wants to raise dogs on a portable gaming system>

    Anyways id prefer the psp the graphics are completely 3d (comparable to ps2 gfx) and most DS games are a mix between 2d and 3d games (some section 2d and some 3d) and the touch pad sounds lame, another way to ruin your system even faster with fingerprints and smudges imo.
  5. harrisdurrani

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    i know it sounds cool to have almost the same graphics as the playstation 2 but its good to play something different man .... psp games arent as fun as it seems. you can go home and sit on your playstation 2 and than playing the same games on ur psp sounds kinda boring.. In the start i was totally nuts about the psp but now its just not what i really wanted.... the DS on the other hand is totally different system and it has really good games compared to the PSP AT PRESENT ...
  6. paul05

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    About PSP

    its getting out of hand here.
    so anyway, i check on the screen display for PSP and it was 2.9in H by 6.7in W . So i measure it out by using a ruler, it seem big. Is it that big though? is there a site that show me a picture of an actual PSP, like how it really look like in real life/ not in computer look.
  7. broomert

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    I would have to agree PSP kicks but compared to DS. On the DS you need a magnifying glass to see the screens. Anyways if your interested check this store out for buying psp's and games.
  8. g.freeman

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    stop the violence! every place i see the letters PSP or DS someone is always there to ***** about it. luckily not many ppl have posted yet. i prefer both of them actually i do agree the psp's games r very repetitious compared to the ps2 since most of them come from there but the psp itself is spectacular much better than the DS but i do like the choices nintendo used for the games for the DS so far the best i like (only ones i played) super mario 64 ds and bomberman. i know this has nothig to do with the topic but so far only 1 or 2 ppl said something of any value. so im sorry to waste your time...
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