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I have a Windows Media Player 9 series that won't burn cds. After I downloaded music and created a playlist, I was unable to burn my cd.
At the top of my media player it said, Copy "All Music" to "Roxio CD Burning" but when I clicked "Copy", a box appeared that said, "No devices capable of burning disks were found on your system. Please check your hardware and drive connections and try again."
I don't understand what's going on because in the "Status" field, after I pressed "Copy" it showed that it was completed, however, no songs were burned.
I even tried downloading a Roxia trial offer, and a box appeared that said "No recorder." But I proceeded to try again, and still nothing.
I don't want to keep downloading programs that's just going to take up space on my computer without being useful.


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Obvious things -

1.Go into the properties of the CD drive in My computer.Make sure "allow CD burning from this drive is checked"

2.Go into the Device Manager and make sure it`s recognized and doesn`t have a problem.

3.Reinstall CD drivers and associated software.


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What drive is this? what OS?
Are you able to burn any other cd's with roxio?
Have you run selected test on this burner in roxio under drive properties?
Do you have any other burning software?
As Peddant pionts out try this too.
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