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Help! buying Q for vid card...

By shatterstar
Dec 3, 2007
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  1. Hello All.

    I have had my PC for 3 years or so with very little to no upgrade / problems with it. though something has happened to me last night and I'm in need of a quick fix. Basically I've been playing games until now with a radeon 9800 pro (256) and its been good - barely managing on most recent games but something has happened to it where its cant run games with hardware acceleration set to full capacity anymore (I need it to play the games I play now)

    I need help with buying a new card that will last me until February. now my budget is only $300.00 and I'm currently using a AGP board with a 400 watt power supply. I understand the graphic cards these days takes up alot of power so I need to get a new power supply thats fine so long as I dont go over my budget. Not looking for the best card out there.... Just something that is equal to radeon 9800 pro (256mb) or better..

    Any advice will be GREATLY GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

    Thanks to all that replies.

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