HELP....Can't log into xp

By donjo13
Jun 30, 2006
  1. Afriend of mine was having problems with his dell 8400 (P4, 3.0 w/160GB HD and 512 ram) Norton would not let him use any live updates and when he tried to reinstall live updates, it gave error messages such as "you need adminstrative writes to do this" ....So I reinstalled His Norton stuff (Internet security, anti virus 2004) and live update failed still, so I went online to norton and tried to a fix and the same problem with writes came up. So I went into services management and everything looked fien there, I tried agina and got the same messages...So I went to regedit and permissions and noticed there was an administrator and his name listed as an administrator to. I check the rights and set them so they had access to make any changes they wanted. I then gave permission to everyone and everything I saw.
    I rebooted and now windows xp just spins when it gets to the windows logo on the light blue screen (not the windoxs xp screen with the black background, the one right before you log in. I am assuming it doesnt know what to do or who to boot to.
    I tried to rerun windows xp from an install dell disk, but it says it cant find a hard drive. I know its still there as it finds xp to boot to the screen I mention. I went into bios and everything seems fine there.
    HELP! He may be pissed at me if I cant fix it quick!!!!
  2. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    Have you gone it to safe mode and uninstalled norton and then try starting the computer with the last known good config
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