HELP: Deleted KaZaA, Windows won't recognize internet!

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Jan 15, 2004
  1. First thing i love the forum and all the knowledge that is spread among the board. Everyone does a great job helping as much as they can. Now down to my problem. I downloaded KaZaA a couple months ago and i felt as if it is time to get rid of this p2p program due to the fact of pop-ups and so on. So doing research i found a program named Kazaabegone. I ran the program and it deleted kazaa ( most of it i am guessing ). So right after i run the kazaabegone i rebot the computer but now the comp wont recognize the internet connection? I check the local area connection status and its fine.. send and recieving as usual. My internet explorer, MSN chat, basically anything that needs to be connected to internet to function WONT. Im to the conclusion that maybe Kazaabegone deleted a system file that was attached to kazaa and caused my comp to not recognize any internet connection? Has anyone went through this problem or have any advice at all? I am stranded without internet at my household! A few sidenotes: Running windows XP, AT&T Broadband is my ISP.
  2. Scol

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    Did you uninstall Kazaa the regular way first before running that program? I never tried running the program you speak of myself and I'm not so sure what files the program may target.

    Are you sure you're still connected to the net and that your connection didn't die? Check your network settings to see if your connection is in fact still alive. Do you have any other computers on the network? If there are other computers, do they have internet connection? Are you connected through a router or directly to the cable modem?

    One way I could think of that might solve it is to uninstall your NIC card, reboot and have it redetect, reinstall, and reconfigure your connection. That may be the quick fix without doing too much checking. Good luck
  3. ak_in_charge

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    I've only tried this once and it worked for me, so I give you no guarentees.

    My problem wasn't because of Kazaa but this still may help you.

    It sound to me like your having TCP\IP issues so give this web site a look and see if you think it might help.;en-us;817571&Product=winxp

    I did the method 2 which was very simple but your going to need another computer running XP.

    Good Luck!!!
  4. SubKamran

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    It may have uninstalled TCP/IP. Take a look in the Advanced properties of your network connection and see if the TCP/IP protocol is installed (because without that you wont have internet but the connection can still work).
  5. Bartender802

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    Could even be a DNS problem where the pc loses the ability to translate the name in to a number
  6. rinlow

    rinlow TS Rookie

    I Have The Same Problem but

    I have the same problem with Kazza being uninstalled on my desktop machine. I removed Kazaa and P2P with the control panel in Windows XP and now my desktop machine can not access the internet which all of my other machines can reach it wireless and or wired?

    Any suggestions on how fix this?
  7. Paul

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    If you have a nic card make sure it did not un install the tcp/ip dial up adapter,make sure it is set on point to point ip enable.i have seen this removed by so called nice kazaa on one pc i had to fix.
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