Help! Geforce 5200FX conflicting with Audigy2Zs

By wenge
Feb 4, 2004
  1. I installed a PNY NVidia GeForce 5200 128MB PCI graphics card, since my computer has no AGP slot and I wanted to improve graphics quality for video playback and editing. It installed ok and I was able to view pictures, folders etc. and play music with visualizations fine. But as soon as I tried to play any kind of video--mpegs,dvds etc., my computer crashed. After updating drivers, moving pci cards around and finally removing all but the graphics card, it turns out that my Creative Audigy2Zs card is conflicting with the graphics card. After removing sound card video played well but, of course no sound. I've tried different combinations of pci slots with only the graphics and sound cards installed, to no avail. By the way the device manager does not show any conflicts. I also updated BIOS and audigy drivers and still no go. Oh yeah, I am using Windows XP pro and Windows media player. Is there any other possible thing I can do to to try and resolve this. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. THX in advance.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If you can afford it, buy a more up-to-date mobo and swap the PCI-card for its AGP-counterpart.

    Otherwise, what is your computer-type if you look in Device Manage under Computer? ACPI or Standard?
    If Standard, you could make a rollback-point and change that to ACPI and see if that helps (normally gives you extra IRQ's and lets IRQ-sharing work better)
    If not, roll back.
  3. wenge

    wenge TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have a Pentium 3 with 512Mb and it is ACPI. Looks like I'm stuck. But thx for your reply.
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