HELP! i am stumped....

By AndrewKohal
May 25, 2005
  1. ok.. this is the problem i have a Dell M992 flat screen crt monitor... its about 3.5 years old, now .. when i start it up after at least 3 hours of it being off.. my color is fine... but after a little while.. sometimes more sometimes less... my red flickers off.. on .. off.. on... off.......... lol and well i cant really afford a new monitor... so.. is there anything i can do.. (i have a natural talent with electronics) (i once tweaked a portable cd player to play with no outer case)
    but if it is something hardware related... (inside monitor) .. well i need to know how to open it up... (without special tools or breaking it)

    i have not tried a new video card.. but i have re-seated it, and that helped the first time... either that or its the fact that i wasnt smoking by it.. :p

    but well i am an *****... :D
  2. Nodsu

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    You have a bad contact somewhere on the red wire. Look over the VGA connectors, move and bend the cable near the plugs. You may be able to get away with a new VGA cable or just resoldering the plug.
  3. AndrewKohal

    AndrewKohal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok.. i tried that.. no help ... and i really dont want to take out the cord, considering its my only monitor, and i dont have a soldering iron :p otherwise i would to just that.. im thinking cuz its a flat screen crt (3.5 years old) that the red electron gun may be fried or loose... but i dont think so... i havent moved it much .. most its been moved was across the room... .. hmm... if i took it in to a shop, how much do you think it would cost me.. either way..

    if its the gun or the cord (and i checked the pins too -- no corrosion or missing pins, i even took out my gfx card and cleaned the contacts.. no help
    and took that compressed air cpu cleaner to all my shnizzle and it helped at first, but not anymore... but other than that... my comp runs like a dream...
    intel p4@2.40ghz
    nvidia geforce 4 mx 420 @ 64mb (dont know the mhz...)
    256 mb rdram (aaak also dont know the speed)
    60gig 8krpm HDD (it runs nice... i use it for virtual mem A LOT lol)
    mainboard: ??
    soundcard: Turtle beach santa cruise .. its not bad...

    any other suggestions would be very helpfull...
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