help me decide upgrades! on brand new pc

By tazolio
May 15, 2006
  1. well i just bought an amd dual core 4200+ system, with 2 gb pc 3200 ram at 400 i think(4 gb upgradeable), 250 gb hard drive(SATA), an integrated geforce 6150 le, a dell 19" lcd screen, and have 1 pci e slot left, 3 pci, and one drive bay, already a lightscribe drive besides.... what are the next 3 things i want to add? thats the question
    (hp pavilion 1483w)

    pk so heres my uses, i look at porn, i play games but not the most high end ones,( i tend to wait a year before i buy em) i do photos on dig camera etc, i read tons of news and play online games too, i am into art, but currently don't do intence pix work, there thats kinda how i use this rig, also i have another comp hooked up to it on a home lan, much slower but still like modern, and thats about it, tell me guys what ar emy nexy steps to my supercomputer???????.... would love to have the ability to watch and record tv, but the reviews are so cryptic and i can't decide, my old pci avertv card, the coax connector ripped right out and i cant get it to play anything but sriously screwed tv, so i want a tv card, my vidcard is integrated and i never trust those to be good, but this one is ok, need better i think....more ram.....good....never had a thing i have tried yet go bad just wanna fine tune and not buy the wrong stuff, help
  2. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Great system so far!

    I would guess you have enough ram. There are, i believe, fairly good arguments for not going over 2 gigs on a win xp system anyway.

    For tv tuners i would stick to ATI or Hauppage. Pci or usb, i dont think it matters. I have used both myself and i have a Hauppage unit right now.

    As for vid cards, i dont do a lot of gaming, will leave that to those more in the know, lol. But if you dont do heavy gaming, maybe you are ok with what you have.

    How about a firewire or usb2 or sata external box with hard drive for backup and storage (photos) as you only have the one hard drive listed? If firewire make sure it has the oxford chipset and no other. If usb stay away from optorite chipsets. I think i have the word right but its opto-something, these are known trouble-makers as far as chipsets go. Often the very cheapest usb boxes are the ones to stay away from, look at the specs, or go to for all usb info.
  3. Mr Papschmere

    Mr Papschmere TS Rookie Posts: 55

    #1, if you look at porn make sure you have a good Antivirus + Firewall + run AdAware or Spybot regularly!!!!!!!!! {I'm sure it's for educational purposes only}

    #2, Depending on your wallet, a 6600GT or similar would vastly improve Graphics

    #3, I have a Twinhan HDTV card that works well, so I can recommend that one, perhaps google for a few reviews and see whats available locally.
  4. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Mr Papschmere makes a good point about a\virus\firewall\etc. You will need all you can get if you are going to porn sites, even worse than warez sites i have heard. Run it every day and update every day as well, lol.
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