help me pick a 19" LCD monitor

By sjps220
Jun 30, 2006
  1. I have been looking at getting an LCD for a while now. I want a 19" monitor with good picture quality and low response times. I do a fair amount of FPS gaming, so I can't have ghosting.

    The 3 that I am considering the most are

    1) Samsung vf900bf
    2) Viewsonic vx922
    3) LG 1952tx

    I'm having trouble deciding which of the samsung and the viewsonic I like better, and the LG is cheaper.

    What would you guys say between these 3?

    Any suggestions for monitors I'm overlooking that are somewhat similar in price?

    In case your preparing to make the CRT argument, this is my reasoning for an lcd. I have a crt and I'm beginning to have problems with it. I find my eyes straining after extensive use, and while that could just be my monitor, I have heard that LCDs are generally easier on the eyes. Also, I'm a university student and desk space would really be nice. As it is, I do a lot of work on my bed because I have very little desk space. The ability to push back my keyboard and have some space would be very nice although it will probably result in me getting distracted by the computer and procrastinating!

    Thanks for your help!
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    Ya I have the samsung 940Be. The only differnece from the 940B is the height ajustable stand. At least i think. :confused:

    Anywasy its a awsome monitor colors are great and vivid and blacks are pretty darn good. Also movies look great as well as games. No ghosting. :)
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