Help-No beeps, no fans, no lights, nada

By lancero
Feb 10, 2007
  1. Hello,

    Recently purchased an Core 2 e6400 processor and ecs PT890T-A mobo combo at Fry's to do an upgrade. Additionally, bought a new Antect Neo HE 500 ps and 1gb DDR 5300 memory (specs said use 4200, but fry's guy said 'shouldn't be a problem')

    I put everything together with and went into BIOS, made some setting adjustments, and looked like it was to XP logo and cpu rebooted and got just past the screen that tells you the drives you have and then cpu went dead. (total on time including bios was about 4-5 minutes)

    Now, when I try to do anything to get it started i get zero. No drives, fans, lights, beeps. Every now and then I get the flutter of the cpu fan for an 1/8 of a second.

    Tried my old power supply same thing...including flutter of the cpu fan.

    Thoughts or ideas? everything seems to be well seated. Of note, when removing the cpu fan and chip, there appeared to be a grayish paste on top of the chip and bottom of fan...scrapes off with fingernail.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. twite

    twite TechSpot Paladin Posts: 937

    My guess is you put to little/to much thermal grease, or didn't mount the cpu hsf correctly and you fried your cpu.
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