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Lloyd Christman

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Hi, I was wondering if any1 could help me choose a BETTER video card for my system so i can play games without it being choppy/glitchy. I currently have a GeForce FX5200, n it blows. I can barely run black and white and neverwinter nights without it glitching. I think I have both AGP and PCI slot. So if you could tell me which is a really good AGP card, i've heard Radeon 9800 Pro/XT is a good one, and which is a good PCI card. If you could help me find a good card, thatd b great thanx! O n here is my specs.

Intel 3.06 Ghz Processor
SOYO Motherboard
1024 MB of memory
GeForce FX5200 256MB video card (i think 8x AGP)
PCI cards wont be much better than your 5200. A 6800 or 6800GT or X800XL would be a great match for your processor. The 9800's are good but will be out-classed really soon with the newer games.
I'll second that. Go for the AGP8x 6800GT if you have the cash to blow. Very fast card. It'll be like having a new computer for you as far as games are concerned. If you don't want to spend that kind of cash, take a look at the 6600GT cards.
alrite, well lets say i dont change my PCI card...could you explain the semi-choppiness of the games i play? could it be my system or is it mainly the video card? and so basically, i should upgrade to an AGP card, rite? lol, lastly, sry for all the ?'s im kinda new/kinda not at this stuff, what is the shape/look difference of an AGP slot and a PCI slot? thanx guys!
I feel quite confident in saying that the number one problem with your system from a gaming standpoint is that piece of trash 5200 card. I had one last year, and it is no where NEAR enough power for todays games. You have a 3GHz processor and a Gig of ram. Plenty for games. If you upgrade your video card, you'll be flying.

Now, we need to know the model number of your motherboard so there is no more guessing. PCI video cards are ancient. AGP cards are good. PCI-e cards are the newest. We need to know for certain what kind of slot you have.

I am pretty sure you have an AGP8x slot judging by the fact you have a 256mb 5200 card, but don't want to be wrong.
its a SY-P4VTE motherboard, n it says it only supports 1.5v only, would that make a difference in the video card im tryin to get? i wish i had a PCI-E slot, ive heard a lot of those babies, they r practically godly haha...
Good. A 1.5v slot is the best/newest of the AGP slots. It means you can use the AGP8x cards, and frankly the difference in speed between an AGP card and a PCI-e card is not that great. The biggest difference between the two is that the newer cards are ONLY PCI-e so you won't be able to use them on that board.

But with your slot, you can stick an extremely powerful card in there, such as the 6800GT (AGP8x type) mentioned above for example.
alrite, 1 more quick ?....i did a lil search on 6800GT to look at the prices, and they came up with a couple different types, you're talkin about the GeForce 1 rite?
I think geforce is the ONLY one that makes the 6800GT. But there are many different companies using the geforce technology in their cards if that's what you mean?

Anyways, even in spending under $200 you would get a HUGE leap in gaming performance with a card like this one:

But if you really want a killer card and have the cash to blow, go for something like this one:
alrite, thanx for all ur help, i jus have one more question, when i click on a program to open it up, it opens, but then takes a while to actually load up, n sometimes it makes my comp. freeze....this isnt because of my video card is it?
I dunno i doubt its the vid card that could cause that. I have the sh**iest video card and i can open / close games at top speed. Check if somethings up with your ram, and run spyware/virus scans see if it helps.
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