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Help on finding the right laptop

By mokaboy
Jan 27, 2008
  1. Hello all,

    I have recently destroyed my last laptop and desperately need another. I have a limited student budget of around £200 ($400) and am looking for the best first or second hand laptop i can get for that amount of money. Im thinking about getting one missing a few parts if i can find one. I have the following parts that i dont need to 'save money'.

    I use Ubuntu Linux so i will not need an O/S
    I have 512mb PC2100 DDR RAM so a laptop without RAM is OK (if this rams compatible and its cheaper)
    I have a laptop hard drive (40GB which is enough)
    I have a wireless PCMCIA card so thats not exactly needed

    My questions are

    Are there any specialist online shops that deliver to the uk offering laptops without these components?

    What kind of speed would i be looking at for that kind of money? (and processor type)

    Any other tips you can offer regarding helping me find the fastest laptop for 200 is much appreciated.

  2. grimesy69

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