Help please review my Hijackfile malware infection.

By Ceps88
Feb 4, 2008
  1. Hi, I need help getting rid of these problems, It started when i was trying to get a key gen for a program. I won't do that anymore

    I get this at start up
    winupdate.exe error
    cannot find windows\Shell.exe
    and error loading windows\System32\drvtak.dll

    and my wallpaper changes to this blue screen with the this txt.

    "Warning Spyware detected on your computer!
    Install an Anti-Virus or spyware remover to clean your computer!"

    there are also programs in the program folders I can't delete, because of the Dll is being used. one called Bounjor.

    some random application called BluetoothAuthorization runs
    and Internet Exploere run in the back round in processes
    I use Firefox

    I have used a bunch of programs but nothing is working, I used Ad-aware, AVG, CClean, and some others.

    Thank you very much. I hope I can get everything back to normal
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