Help: primary and secondary IDE channel deleted

By kathfee
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Good evening,

    I have a huge problem and need your help. A friend of mine was trying to help me install a third dvd device (I already had a normal dvd-drive and cd-burner). We added an ATA adapter and hooked the cd-rom up to it. I have Win XP and it did not recognize the ATA adapter, so we installed the XP driver, then it would not recognize my old two devices, etc. The device manager showed that we also had 2 primary IDE channels and two secondary ones which caused conflicts in the properties section, so I deleted one of each. The computer rebooted and since then, I cannot run Win XP anymore. Not even in the Safe Mode. It keeps loading and loading. I do have access to the BIOS. It shows that my Primary IDE Master is uninstalled, the Primary IDE Slave is my HDD, and both Secondary IDEs are uninstalled, too. I am desperate. Please tell me somebody what to do know.

    Thank you so much!!!!
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