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HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine)

By jonboy_22
Mar 28, 2007
  1. Ever since I got my second Video Card and went SLI I have had crippling sound problems. After playing for a while all sounds get replace with a high pitched squeal. This is only with games, not music (using WMP), DVDs (using WinDVD), and only with my sound card, not the (crappy) onboard sound (which has no problem). Some games may play for three minutes, others for close to fifty before this consistently happens. It seems to be simply subsistuting all sounds with this annoying noise. I quit the game it goes quiet, but music is now affected and DVDs have NO sound. Single GPU works fine (either card, either PCI-E slot), sound card in either PCI slot still causes the problem. I recently got a newer, better sound card but it does the exact same thing. I think it may be either a video card issue, or the motherboard. Is it something to due with the way the video card handles sound? Or the motherboard? HELP!! I really like the improved graphics (on a relative budget) that SLI brings, and don't like being hobbled like this.

    Tried Turning down Sound Card Acceleration with the old card, didn't help.

    My Computer
    Old Alienware Case.
    Asus P5N32 SE SLI-Deluxe
    Inter Core 2 Duo E6600
    3*Corsair PC5400 667 512mb
    2*Maxtor 200GB 7200rpm
    2*EVGA NVidia 7600 GT KO 256mb video (do have different bios #'s on the card)
    SoundBlaster X-Fi Gamer Extreme (old card was SB Audigy 2)
    Sony DVD writer.
    Dell 2407wfp monitor
  2. topps999

    topps999 TS Rookie Posts: 139

    i have simular problem my soundblaster live wont run sound when plugged in but tbh sound isnt all that big wen u have 5.1 sourround, so i just used the on-board audio
  3. Rayss523

    Rayss523 TS Enthusiast Posts: 101

    I somewhat fixed this problem by updating my nforce drivers.
  4. jonboy_22

    jonboy_22 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Believe I have all the newest drivers. Tried playing around with sound card acceleration and power states (cold restart/hibernate, etc). I have eliminated the problem, but only by turning SLI off. So now I have the extra card just sitting there, and I am back to good-not-great graphics. It is so wierd that the two (sound and video) should be interacting like this. Oh, and the onboard sound was giving me no problems, it's just too crappy and made most newer games (FEAR, GRAW) unplayable. But now this new sound card pops while playing mp3s, either in Windows Media Player or in games. I think that might be a seperate problem, but maybe my motherboard hates sound cards. This is the third card I have tried (SB Live, Audigy 2, Gamer XFi) and they all eventually go EEEEEEE (best written translation of this annoying sound).
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