Help to find download for Windows-Mail2.reg

By Poppa Bear
Nov 8, 2009
  1. Problem resolved.

    Since making this request, Kimsland has solved the problem.

    The first link shown in Kimsland's reply, which is immediately after this post, directly downloads the file: Windows-Mail.reg. The second link is to the forum post where the file originated. Also contained in that post is a direct download for the file Windows-Mail2.reg, which is the one sought after.

    The post shows how to enable Windows Mail in Win7 OS. Instructions on how to do this is detailed in a post found here.

    A link to the spedific page of the post holding the file is found:

    • Here for Windows-Mail2.reg, in the 2nd entry down by XsSmile. To directly download file click: Here. File is attached here View attachment 53356 .

    Much gratitude Kimsland. I'd spent hours searching for these files. Cheers Bernie


    I'd be very grateful if anybody can help with a link to free download for registry edit .exe file named:


    The only one I can find is at Rapid Share but it's necessary to pay to register to get it. Already got Windows-Mail.reg but need both.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Hi Kimsland. Thanks for the input & the research.

    Sorry about that. Was just trying to keep the post short. In my earlier post here this file was needed as part of the procedure to edit the registry so as to enable .eml email files to be read when saved to the desktop in Win7. Here is an extract from that post:

    I had already found the Windows-Mail.reg file as a free download, but couldn't find the 2nd Windows-Mail2.reg except as a download that had to be paid for at Rapid Share.

    Once I had found a download site for Windows-Mail2.reg file, I intended to add it to the original post so others could download both files free. I spent a couple of hours and just couldn't find it.

    Maybe it's become obsolete because I have successfully enabled .eml files to be read from desktop by just running Windows-Mail.reg and doing the manual registry modification. However, I didn't want to post this info in case it didn't work on other people's computers. The original instructions on how to do this weren't mine but came from a Windows 7 Forums post so felt I should reproduce the post in full.

    Anyway, thanks again for your efforts. Cheers Bernie :wave:
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