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Help. Trojan. Now, XP asks for admin login, but won't give pw blank

By Row1
Jan 27, 2010
  1. H i please help. My wife somehow from yahoo email got a trojan/virus. I ran a squared and eliminated it. BUT on reboot, the "Administrator Login" page comes up -- I have never had a login on this computer - I have only had it boot to desktop.

    AND - if I try to click "Administrator" to get the log-in blank, it quickly skips to "loading your personal settings," to "saving your settings," to the "Administrator" screen [with no blank to enter name or password]. This skipping happens in about 1.5 seconds (on an amd 3800 machine).

    Exact same thing in "safe mode."

    Any ideas?
  2. protecterstouch

    protecterstouch TS Rookie

    Does it show the regular login window for xp with icons or a nice square window with the name administrator and a password box. If you don't have the square window try hitting alt control delete on the login screen and that will take you to the back door login which may be of more help. I'm sorry if that does not make much sense lol.
  3. Row1

    Row1 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 343   +13

    ctrl-alt-del does same -- skips back to admin login

    hi - thanks - where it gets to is the blue background with just the "welcome," and the chess piece icon and word "administrator" for logging in - my log-in has always been 'blank.'

    I did this strategy you mentioned c/a/d: yes, I get the different-looking log-in window: "log on to windows" square on ablack background - when i hit 'enter,' it just takes a couple seconds longer when it says 'loading your personal settings, but skips back to 'saving your personal settings,' to the main blue administrator / chess piece log in screen.
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