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Jul 29, 2007
  1. I have had this old Dell Desktop, sitting on the side of my room for a while now and today i opened it up and wanted to turn that into a simple gaming desktop. so i would need like a Motherboard , CPU , and also a Video card , so i went online and got some ideas what i wanted but i didnt know if they would all work together would some one tell me if i buy these parts they will work together or not

    Video Card:


    CPU :

    If these products dont work and you help me out and what will for a good price also

  2. CMH

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    The graphics card will not work with the motherboard you chose. You're looking for a PCIe graphics card. This is the PCIe version of the card.

    I think its a reasonable choice for its price range.

    As for your processor, it'll work with that motherboard as well, but Id recommend one of the core2Duos, maybe those new E2140 chips. This should perform much much better.
  3. raybay

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    You are off to a good start.
    I second CMH, but you need to go further, and be certain your power supply is mainstream and powerful enough to deal with the video card.
    Be sure you are getting full quality memory, and not trying to save money by getting value ram.
    The CPU fan, heat sink, and thermal paste are almost more important than some of the other items you selected.
    All those items must work together in some sort of harmony: Power supply, motherboard, memory, video graphics, and cooling.
  4. CMH

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    Given that the E2140 is basically in the same price range, I don't see any reason whatsoever to use the older P4 650. The E2140, although having a lower clock speed, should perform much much better.

    I'd recommend at least a 500W PSU, but don't buy the cheapest one you see. I always recommend Antec, but of course, there are many other good brands out there.

    As for cooling, unless you have specific needs (Live in the desert? Overclocking? Need silence?) the stock stuff should be good enough. Messing around with aftermarket cooling will void the warranty of your graphics card/RAM/motherboard, but not your CPU.

    Also, if your Dell is as old as I think it is, you probably will need a whole new system altogether. Which means you'd be shopping for PSU and RAM. The only things you can reuse from that Dell probably would be the case, optical drives (DVDRW and such), Hard Disk Drives, and floppy disk drives if you have any use for them (I personally do have a use for them...)

    These items aren't really that expensive, so you can just buy a whole new system and have a secondary system for someone else (kids? moms? charity?). If you're going to get a new case, you can solve your power supply woes and just get yourself an Antec Sonata 2 (or the newly released Antec Sonata 3). They come with an Antec PSU which is sturdy enough to power a bigger system than you've got there.

    Of course, if you're on a budget, every cent counts, so do what you feel like doing. You can always reuse whatever you can, and sell off the rest.
  5. flannyhfd

    flannyhfd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea thats what i was thinking about , i was thinking about just getting a new case for it and then just using the old parts untill i get more money to upgrade them all ,

    they does anyone know what i could use for a graphics card if i use those other parts
  6. CMH

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    Well, it all depends on your budget. If you're going to game, you'd want the biggest graphics card you can afford.

    I've linked the PCIe version of the graphics card you selected. This one will work on your selected motherboard, and its at the same price range.

    Of course, if you're willing to spend more, you'll get more.

    As for using the other parts, as I mentioned, you can only reuse the case, optical drives (DVDRW and such), Hard Disk Drives, and floppy disk drives. You'll have to get a new PSU, CPU, motherboard, RAM and graphics card.

    Depending on which Dell computer you have, you might be able to just upgrade your graphics card (which may be what you're asking). If your Dell has an AGP8x slot, you can use that card you originally linked. If it doesn't, and has only PCI slots, you're very limited to what graphics card you can use. If your Dell has PCIe (only newer computers, say, 3 years old or newer?), then you have access to a much wider range of graphics cards, since thats the current standard.

    But even then, you'd still have to worry about that power supply you're using, and being a Dell, you probably can't just decide to replace the PSU (its proprietary). You'll have to fork out money for an overpriced Dell PSU to upgrade your graphics card in that case.
  7. flannyhfd

    flannyhfd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i got some good enough money right now but i am not really sure what to buy you wanna help me out on what i should get , all i am really doing is getting it to be good enough for like playing Americas Army game online and like World of Warcraft and some other shotter games
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