Help! Unstable system when OCing E4400!

By Scorpius911 ยท 6 replies
Sep 25, 2007
  1. Hi people. Can anyone help me with this? I'm trying to overclock my E4400 Core2 which supposedly overclocks very well. I'm running one of ASROCKs DUAL MOBOS (the hybrids with AGP/PCIe support.) Problem is whenever I increase the mobos system clock and get the processor to 2.5Ghz (runs at 2 standard) I get freaking artifacts in my games and they randomly Crash to desktop. Oblivion especially doesnt even get to the title screen. Now these games work absolutely fine when the CPU is at standard BUS its only when I increase it is there any problem! This is BEFORE even touching the graphics card. Rest of the time the computer is perfectly stable except graphics-wise.

    My system:

    ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2

    E4400 Core2Duo

    Palit Nvidia 7600GT

    2048MB (2x1gb) OCZ DDR2 @667 (although wierdly enough only recognised as 533 in the BIOS :suspiciou )

    Standard clock is 200 with a 10x multiplier. if I increase it to 220 I get SOME graphical instability and at 250 lots of instability. Does anyone have any idea why the increased FSB is having this effect on games? I know its not the temperatures because I monitor them regularly in Everest and the graphics card isnt really running any hotter than normal and is idling at around 42 up to 47-49 when I can get it under load. Neither is the CPU I dont think its the voltage to the CPU either cos many others have said they can get the 4400 higher than 2.5 on stock voltage. Anyone have any ideas?

    I did have a guess that maybe the AGP is running too fast when I raise the system clock. Is this a possibility? And if it is what do you suggest I lock the AGP bus at? Its on auto in the BIOS at the mo but I dont trust this ****ty MOBO to handle it correctly!

    Thanks for your help
  2. LinkedKube

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    Just because your cpu temps is low doesnt mean that you dont need to increase stock voltages. And every mobo is different. I'm sure that many people that oc'd that cpu didnt have the exact same setup as you. Increase the voltages, then run a stability test, and get back to us.
  3. Fragrant Coit

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    Just because someone got their ____ Cpu to a certain O/C doesn't mean they all will do that speed!!!

    AGP Bus ought to be set at 66 or 67.

    Check you are using a divider on the RAM. Don't forget upping the FSB also ups the RAM Speed.

    Try setting it at 220, run MEMTEST, test it boots into Windows, maybe run a SUPERPI to check stability, then up it a bit more, and so on until you've found the stable max o/clock.
  4. Scorpius911

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    Cheers guys,

    I know each CPU/MOBO is different its just that from what I've read with so many ppl getting good results it seems unlikely. I will however check RAM divider and adjust AGP bus and stability test and report back. Unfortunately this pile of crap MOBO doesnt even let you adjust voltages in the BIOS! SO thats out of the question :( Guess if it is voltage I'm screwed.
  5. LinkedKube

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    I dont think I would want to own an agp/pci-E board, just adds another factor to your already difficult overclocking life.
  6. Scorpius911

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    OK update. Ive found that the memory divide ratio can't even be changed either! There are only basic settings in there for DRAM voltage listed as low, medium, high or auto. After trying the high setting still no joy :( I then tried setting the PCI/AGP/PCIe Buses manually in BIOS to 33/66/100. Still collecting more artifacts than a museum at anything over 2.4Ghz...
    Also as I said my OCZ DDR2 667 is registering in the BIOS as 533 when set at auto detect. When I then try manually set it as 667 the system wont post. Oh well guess I'll have to run the it at 2.4 and be happy with that.
  7. Cinders

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    I was going to post here but it came out sounding snotty.
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