Help with Bsod c000021

By swker98
Oct 28, 2006
  1. Hi, having problems with windows xp home sp2 on my bros computer
    here it goes

    I go to play the game C&C generals so i load it up, intro movie, loading screen, then BOSD
    It has a crash at ATI3.exe so i restart and it was acting wired like not loading the desktop and crashnig every 2 minutes

    so i boot into safe and i get the disk check thing come up and as it was checking i restarted the system cuz i thoguht it was going to take to long

    then i booted back into safe mode and it loads all the drivers on the black sreen and it hangs for about 10 mins and restarts
    so then i boot into regular mode and get the welcome screen log in and it hangs nothnig loads exect the task manger

    after that i restart again and get a BOSD

    FATAL ERROR C000021a windows has shut down
    The file (then a line of numbers) could not start

    also a repair doesnt work, same numbers as before
    do i have to totally wipe the drive?
    also i cant get the minidumps cuz windows wont load

    any ideas?
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