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By goku
May 18, 2005
  1. Can anyone help me. Im not a "techy" guy and im trying to setup a network in my house. Sometime ago i bought a Dl-614+ wireless router and two D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ Wireless PCI Adapters. I am sharing the internet so far but i dont know how to setup a network where i can share files and printers between computers. I have the following config:
    Computer A has Windows ME and is connected via RJ45 to the router.
    Computer B has Windows XP and has one of the wireless cards.
    Computer C has Windows 98 and has the other wireless card.
    They are all in different rooms and I have SBC DSL.
    Can anyone advice me please. Im tired of having to change printers and scanners all the time.
  2. REB_ElMagnifico

    REB_ElMagnifico TS Rookie

    It is pretty simple since you already have the network running. All you need to do is make sure that all of the computers are in the same workgroup. This can be done using the the network setup wizard in WinXP(I don't remember if this wizard is offered in 98 and/or ME).

    This can also be done manually by going to the system properties of each computer: right click on "my computer" then click on properties and now there should be a tab that says either "computer name"(winXP) or "network identification"(win2K). Once you click on the tab you should see your computer name and the workgroup that it is assigned to. If you need to change the workgroup and/or computer name just click on "change"(winXP) or "properties"(win2K) and change them accordingly.

    Now that all computers have the same workgroup name and different computer names and the ip address are assigned properly(don't worry about this step...the router should take care of it), you can share the folders and/or printers. Just right mouse click on the folder or printer you want to share and then go to "sharing".

    Just know that if you are going to be transfering a lot of files from one computer to the other, the wireless connection might be kind of slow. If this is the case you might want to connect the computers with cables to the router. If you don't care about speed so much then you should be set to go.
    Hope this helps.

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  3. Liquidlen

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    If your XP machine is XP Pro the network settings should be done there first ,you will then be offered a chance to put those settings on a floppy disk which you can run in the other machines and it will transfer the correct settings for you.
    However if you are running Home you are going to have more configuration work to do. Do a search in this Forum there are a couple of good threads to take you through the exercise.
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