help with master and slave drives

By stevo123
Dec 3, 2005
  1. ok i had one dvd burner and one cd rom, my dvd burner was master and my cd-rom was slave i had this computer for almost 2 years and it hasnt givin me any problems. but just recently my burner started acting weird when im burning a cd my buffer keeps going up and down, so i thought maybe its time to change my burner, i changed it to a new one it gave me the same problem. so i decided to put my old burner that used to give me problem in the place of my cd-rom which was slave. and it started to work good with no problems but when i put it back to master it gives me the same problem as it used to, so basically whatever i put in master the buffer starts acting up, i changed the cable and it still gave me that problem so idont know what to do i need helpppp

    thanxx guyss
  2. iss

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    it sounds like your burner is operating in PIO mode instead of DMA. go to device manager and under "IDE ATA\ATAPI Controllers" right click the IDE channel that your burners are on and chose properties, under the advanced settings tab look and see if the drive is operating in DMA or PIO. if it si PIO mode then go ahead and uniinstall the IDE channel and reboot when windows boots up it will automatically reinstall the IDe channel and the drives.
  3. stevo123

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    it was set on dma
  4. s3xynanigoat

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    Might be worth it if you tried putting your CD rom's on seperate cables. Put one as the slave on your first IDE and the other as the slave on your second IDE. Or just have the second one as the master on your second channel if you don't have a secondary IDE HD.
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