Help with New Gaming Rig Please

By creflo
May 10, 2008
  1. I've had this Dell computer for 8 years now. So I've decided to go all out on a new gaming rig. Let's get to the point, here is what I'm thinking for the basic components:

    Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Tower
    EVGA 780i Motherboard
    QX9650 Intel Quad-Core
    2x Seagate 7200.11 in raid 0
    2x2GB Corsair DDR2-1066
    Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W PSU
    Xi-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card

    Now I'm torn on what do do about the Video setup. Should I mess with SLI? Or just get the best single Nvidia card I can get?

    I have about $3k budget, computer will run at stock speeds for a bit until I learn how to overclock it.

    Also, should I go air or water cooling?
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    a qX9650???

    those are expensive and sorta a waste of money. Why do you wan't it (not to be mean just wondering if there is a specific reason except that its an extreme). Is it for the extra L2 cache? or just cuz its called "Extreme"?

    WTF obviously you DON'T know what your buying in that core 2 extreme. Its basicly just a Q9450 or rather a Q9650 (is that even out yet?) with whats called an "unlocked multiplier". To overclock current intel CPU's, well, first know this: Clock speed = FSB / 4 * multiplier.

    To overclock you can increase the FSB or the mult. Simple. The core 2 extreams just have an unlocked mult making it easier to overclock despite the fact that you can easily OC with just the FSB. I OC my E4600 about 10 seconds after I turned my comp on.

    Please reconsider the QX9650.
    Also you only need like 400-500 watts. maybe 700 depending on your GPU.

    I recommend you get a 150gig 10,000rpm hdd. I was sorta dissapointed with just a 7200 :(.

    And yes, get the best single card. but try to wait a week until the Raedon 4000 series comes out just to see if prices will go down and if the 4000 series is worth buying.

    What kind of card do you want? High end? REALLY high end?
    with 3k i guess the latter.
    I would personally suggest SLl'ing the 9800GTX as according to tests, actually scales about 80%!! however, tri-SLI almost reduces performance :(. The only reason im recommending SLI'ing is simply because 80% scaling is actually really good compared to the something less than the 50% it used to be.

    Don't be sad, my first build was almost as bad :).

    EDIT: the 9800GX2 is hardly a single card. IT does have 2 GPU's anyway. It just uses one less PCI slot. besides, with you current power supply that i think you should change, you can't even use one 9800GX2, it only has 4 x 6Pin connectors. The 9800GX2 requires on 8 pin and one 6 pin (i think anyway it takes some 8pins). besides, at nearly $200 and non-modular cable support, thats the biggest BS I've seen in a power supply ever. Seriously
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    oh crap i double posted it on accident. Is there a delete button?
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