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Sep 27, 2007
  1. hey, im new to these forms and it looked like you ladies and gentlemen most likely know enough to at least lend me a hand...

    i recently bought some ram to upgrade my computer, i use to have 1gb of ram,(2 sticks of 512). the ram was 184 pin ddr dual channel ram. the new ram i bought was very similar if not exactly the same (184 pin ddr, 400mhz) 2 sticks of 512. when i installed it, the computer started up and then went to the dos startup screen, where it stayed for about two minutes longer than it usually does. it then went to a BIOS screen asking me to tell it where to boot up from. when i tired to move the cursor down to select my hard drive, my keyboard was not responding, so i turned my computer off to restart it. however, when i tried to restart my computer, it does not turn on. all my fans do and all the lights on the mobo and such come on, but the computer never starts up. the screen never comes on and there is no sign that the computer is trying to do anything.

    any help anyone could give me would be fantastic.
  2. Firedawg1971

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    Have you removed the new ram? try that and see if system still runs. if it does most likely there is a compatibility issue with the ram you bought or it is not seated in the slots good.
  3. Tedster

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  4. yalikescake

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    sorry i posted in the wrong forum, but i did read that faq. the problem i have is even when i take out the new ram, my computer doesn't start up with the old ram, and vice versa. it seems like my problem may be that my computer doesn't know the where to boot from since my keyboard didnt respond when i got to the bios screen and i had to restart. im just not sure where to go to choose where my computer needs to boot from, or why my keyboard wasnt responding in the first place.
  5. mailpup

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    A few details please. What kind of keyboard? PS/2, USB, wireless or what? For that matter while you're at it could you post your PC's other major specifications too?
  6. Tedster

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    mixing ram can have bad results, though unlikely. Were you properly grounded?
  7. yalikescake

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    i followed your grounding instructions to the letter, so i think i was grounded, i did what i could.

    my keyboard is a usb keyboard. my computer has an amd athlon 3200 64 bit processor, my ram slots are 184 pin, my old ram was 1 gig of ddr corsair 3200 400mhz 184 pin with a 3 cas latency. my new ram, though not the exact same ram, is made by corsair and has the exact same stats.

    i hope thats the kind of system stats you need
  8. mailpup

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    Can you borrow a standard PS/2 wired keyboard to see if that will get you going again? If the PS/2 keyboard works to get you into the BIOS, you can check to make sure USB keyboard is enabled (if that is an option in your BIOS).
  9. yalikescake

    yalikescake TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, the problem is now i cant even get to that bios screen anymore. all i get is my fans spinning and a blank monitor. i also can't hear my hard drive spin, thats what leads me to believe my computer doesn't know where to boot from since i wasnt able to tell it where to boot from when that bios menu did come up once.
  10. Tedster

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    then you have an issue other than ram.

    Read the no post guide also.
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