help with sata raid please anyone?

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Apr 26, 2007
  1. :(

    i have bought a custom built pc. this is my first time with a pc where i need to start from scartch. it took me forever to figure out why windows would stop at setup saying my hard disc drives werent detected - i need the drivers. i have been looking everywhere trying to find the one for my mobo, but i cant.


    asus m2n mobo
    amd x2 5600+
    4gb ram
    asus radeon x6500pro 256MB
    250 GB SATA HDD UDMA 300 7200 8MB
    250 GB SATA HDD UDMA 300 7200 8MB

    ^ yup got 2 hard drives in hopes of figuring out how to raid0 , as told on a different forum. so i need help with the drivers, if any1 could tell me what files i need to put onto a cd/floppy.

    also can i pull this off if my new pc has 1 dvd rom, with no floppy drives?
    i could try to put in the floppy from my old pc, but just wondering if its possible.
    i have spent over 2 frustraing days with this issue, im really on the edge atm, hopefully someone will help out

    thank you in advance.
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    I think the only way to use a DVD drive is to slipstream the OS on a DVD with the drivers. I haven't done it myself. When I built my first PC I installed a floppy and I am thankful I did just for this reason.
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  4. vozzle

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    so i cant use xp, because thats the operating system i have. aalso how could i slipstream, do i just put the drivers together on the same cd as the OS, and it would work. i dont know where to get drivers for xp one :(
  5. CCT

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  6. vozzle

    vozzle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    okay, so do i add the whole nvidia install to the cd, or do i need to break it up somehow?

    i dont know which files to add, this is so conusing, i cant find any good help anywhere
  7. CCT

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  8. TC Machine

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    Are you sure you need drivers for the Hard Drives? What I found when I had a brand-new HD was there was no partition. Super Fdisk creates a bootable disk so you can create the partitions, but you will have to install on another computer. Don't know if that helps...
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