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Help With Upgrade

By waynefontes
Mar 27, 2007
  1. I have a minimum of knowledge regarding computer hardware although I have been tring to educate myself. However I have come to the point that I am just confusing myself. My current computer consists of :

    AMD Athlon XP2000+ 1.66 GHz Processor
    MSI KM266-8235 Mobo
    768 MB Slot 1 256MB DDR PC 2700 166 Mhz
    Slot 2 512MB DDR PC 3200 200 Mhz
    Windows XP Service Pack 2

    I use my computer mainly for e-mail, web browsing, Microsoft Office, Phototography, iTunes, and other multimedia . I plan on eventually upgrading to Vista and plan on buying an Apple Tv in the near future. The Apple TV reccommends a 2.0 Ghz Pentium or better and 32 MB of video ram. I don't mind spending more than the absoulute minimum for a system that will be up to date.
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