Help with Webcam connection

By deonpvc
Sep 30, 2005
  1. Hi guys, I am brand new in this forum so please excuse me if I have re-post or re-asked a question that was already answered :approve: . I dont know whether my question should go under "Audio & video" or "storage and networking". Again, sorry if I post on the wrong section.

    I'm a university student recently moved into campus. Connection to internet is via LAN through the Uni's server which is heavily firewalled. (connected through a non-UPnP firewall) :mad:

    I am trying to get my webcam to work, but it just won't connect with the other end (P2P). MSN and Yahoo messenger failed to snake through the server to find the appropriate connection. I wonder whether could anyone tell me an alternative p2p webcam connection PC-2-PC, which I could somehow bypass the firewall. I've heard of something called a HTTP tunnel, something to do with using HTTP ports to make a connection, but I've got no idea how.

    Please please please... anyone? :eek:

    Thanks a million :haha: :haha:
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