Here are the countries with the most and least affordable internet


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What surprised me is how much cheaper Eastern Europe is compared to the rest of the world.


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I suppose the article should be rewritten for clarity, as most people aren't realizing those are wage-adjusted numbers. In nations with high average monthly incomes, like Canada, they're adjusted downwards.
Ok, thank you for clarifying that point, that explains why Eastern Europe so much cheaper than the rest of the world.

Charles Olson

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Here in Saskatchewan we get 300Mb/s connection $110/month after taxes which includes the second tier tv programs and the Voip phone with a certain amount of free long distance calls no data caps from Shaw and think Sasktel offers a similar price/package ! We also have the Gigabyte option but feel no need for it as we only have 2 laptops, 3 cell phones, 3 desktops and 2 TVs hooked up to it ! Wifi that is included is a bit sticky with the newer HP laptop and 10th gen processor so might either try a separate wifi router and set up a new wifi or might look into upgrading the included wifi adapter card inside ! this is in Prince Albert and where do you live ? Out in a rural area or city ?


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Where the hell in Canada can you get an internet connection for $6.63? I thought the lowest plans, like the 5Mb/s ones, were $25. As a Canadian, I'm paying my 100Mb/s connection $104/month...

Here up to 100Mb/s the cheapest price $63/month and the highest price $71 depends on bundling of internet packets, but when I'm calculated we must pay 9,6%~10% of GDP and for people from the lowest income must pay 22%~30% of GDP while you just pay 0.4% of GDP... HOLY CRAP......!!!!! AAAGGRRHHH.......!!!!!! that's dirt cheap man T.T