Here, take my spare game keys! (and consider sharing your own...)

I buy a lot of game bundles and get plenty of duplicates. I've given many of these away privately but I still have some left. It's been a while since I started a thread, so help yourselves:

Ha, you wish it were that easy... Two conditions:

  1. You leave a post to tell everyone you're taking a key so nobody is disappointed when they go to play a game that has already been claimed.
  2. You only take a key if you actually plan to play the game -- not for starving kids in Africa, not for a rainy day, but because you want to play it.

Feel free to share your own unused keys but let's keep things simple. No shady business. Just post the keys if you actually want to give them away. Okay, really, help yourselves:

Limbo YM383-7I457-T6F7N
Bastion 0PFP9-9L4RL-8XD2Y
Nightsky CKB0Z-05GGK-DZ4KT
Mark of the Ninja PZDB2-WAWR9-M6KQ5

The Sims 3 4YZZ-WWLD-AMCG-4EW8-8Z6U
The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff 3AAA-2EVG-MQG2-DWEF-R33Q
The Sims 3 Late Night 8PDV-VBJM-BN7W-6P9U-6T5A
The Sims 3 Date Night B4NC-QPN6-M4RD-N4MC
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition FTNE-MKF7-PPGM-6VK2-79K6
Medal of Honor AXJS-RWW8-Q4NT-B5K6-NGV5
Mirror's Edge 28HR-LPCK-TTW4-LM75-JYUJ
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising 48JJ-9HT8-56M2-FYQY-HH8V
Does anyone have the Sims 3 base High end loft and Sims late night I bought a used copy of the games and they won't let me use them because the codes were used