Here's how to install W10 updates manually

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Oct 9, 2017
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  1. Hi. If you're having problems getting W10 updates to install, you might give the Windows Update Catalog a try. Go here to use this feature.
    This update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update. To get the standalone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.
    On the left side of this page, there is a reference to all of the updates that were released for this version of Windows. Installing the most recent update ensures that you also get any previous updates you might have missed, including any important security fixes.

    I hope this helps someone that's having problems installing updates.

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    Hi. Well at least Google likes my thread. It's the first link suggested about manually installing W10 updates, and it goes to techspot. I don't get any likes here from the forum members, but I'm first on Google and the link goes to techspot. LOL Capture26.JPG
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    Original post was at 11:06 and by 11:51 you think everyone should be on their feet applauding? This isn't FB and we contribute to assist others, not to garner brownie points for ourselves :sheez:
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    Hi It was meant to be a joke. It seems to me that I'm the only one interested in Windows 10 here on this forum.I have done a lot of searching here on techspot, and I haven't found a lot of posting about W10. I will admit I'm a W10 nut; and I feel like I know a lot about W10, and hoping I can share what I've learned with others. If you have any thing to add to my threads, you would always be welcomed.
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    Hi I see I'm still getting top billing on Google.;) That makes my day. Copy and paste this in Google search and tell me what you see. PS. Maybe I don't understand how help forums work or how they attract new members, but it sure doesn't hurt to get top billing on Google. What do you think?:p I have observed TS gaining over a thousand members sense I joined. That's got to be a good thing for the owner. Copy and paste the below in Google.
    Here's how to install W10 updates manually

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    LOL. I really should sue the Microsoft Community forum for using my suggestions, and then changing my user name from holdum333 to A.User. Think I could win?? Probably not. I just want to be a member here on TS and hopefully be a asset here and not cause to many problems for the staff and owners.
    This is a great forum with great people and I'm enjoying it a lot. Thank you for letting me be a part of your community
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    Here you go! Capture25.JPG
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    Here you go! I'm up to date with windows updates. I'm here to answer your W10 issues. Hopefully we can solve your W10 issues here on TS and make you a fearless W10 user. I'll always give you my best shot. Learn how to create a backup image with a 3rd party image program and be a fearless windows user like myself.;) Good night friends. See you on the forum. Capture25.JPG
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  10. It took a while but mine is up-to-date after restart.


    EDIT--- As usual I created a Macrium Image before this update.
    I will make a system image after this update is properly installed.
    Unless the update causes problems.
    Then I will revert to my previous Macrium system image.
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  11. holdum323

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    Thanks for your reply. I love my Macrium Reflect!(y) I'll create a backup image also. I'll wait awhile and see if I got any bugs.;)
    I'm going to cool down a little now, and wait for someone that needs help with a Windows problem. I get carried away some times. Just want everyone that wants W10 free to be able to install it and get it running smoothly. It's really a good OS IMHO!
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    Yep, best so far. I am really happy with it and run it on all of the physical PCs in the house except one NAS. I haved used the old Windows 7 and 8 keys to get to 10 Pro. I prefer a clean install as the upgrades can be slow and cumbersome, but they do work, normally. Just remember those old keys from Win 7and 8 - pro/ent/ult can get you to 10 Pro free as an upgrade or a clean install, at least as of about 9:30pm CST last night. I wonder if they are ever going to turn that off, like they have been promising for the last couple years?
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  14. Rich M

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    That is so right Holdum while the upgrade process is not perfect more often than not it is the expectation that the upgrade "will fix their mess" that makes it go wrong because an upgrade on a pristine pc will work but where do we find those?
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    Agreed !!
  17. holdum323

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    :p:p:p:p:p :D
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