Here's how you can disable VBS in Windows 11 for a performance boost


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I am. I only had 9 PCs in my firm at the time, and the disasters of things like system restore was untouched. The biggest problem as I saw it was people trying to use ancient software with ME, even though MS made it clear that support for DOS mode was gone.

I had no love for ME, but in my opinion its biggest defect was the loose screws sitting in front of the monitor.
Yeah for me it was the lack of DOS and reliance on system restore that caused the biggest issues. Once it went sideways (usually because the registry had corrupted for “reasons”) then it was hard if not impossible to recover the system and system restore did not save a system that could only boot to blue screen in my experience. It was the last non-NT kernel version of windows and it was a joy to move to windows 2000 then do where the registry didn’t seem as fragile.

I also have a friend irl who says they had no problems with ME. So there we go.


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Yeah for me it was the lack of DOS and reliance on system restore that caused the biggest issues.
See, then it's understandable that ME would have pissed you off, but at least it seems that you knew why it was pissing you off. A lot of people didn't. Or didn't want to know.

Your comments on the registry made me wonder if ME was responsible for the sudden flood of registry checker\repair programs that was so popular for a while. They were always out there since Win 95. Even before ME the 9x registry was very fragile, but ME seemed to take it to new heights.
My Son installed it and all was fine until he used the software he had for his old trackball. ME went nuts and wouldn't work even after he removed it in safe mode. We used the Windows registry trick and restored a previous backup, and it was fine after that.


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I still spend a lot of time in command-line
I have a DOS box I built in the late 90s, and even now I still have to make boot disks to make some games work, or play better. But that is it as far as command line goes for me.

FUN FACT! - Besides the 266 MHz. Pentium 2 and dual Voodoo 2 graphics cards, it is still running the original, now 23-year-old Quantum Bigfoot HDD.


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Is this disabling it 11 or 10. Mine shows running, but it not shows off windows security and it does not have the key showing in regedit. I assume it is enabled via BIOS? Suggestions? - Update this was enabled in the bios. I disabled it and fixed several issues. Such a strange slowness when first starting windows. Again, I have no issues with Win 11. I know change is not for everyone. I work in IT and one thing I have gotten use to is change. Every time Microsoft goes to a new version of windows, people freak out. If you could bring up comments when they created Win 10 it was much the same. Pout pout I dont' want to install a new windows. This is the same. Get over it people either go to win 11 or don't just stop complaining.
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This workaround no longer works, as previous poster said, the registry key is no longer present, and adding it makes no difference. Despite Memory Integrity is "off" in Settings, VBS is still enabled which prevents Throttlestop from undervolting or overclocking the system.