Here's Why the Unreal Engine Is Coming to Your Car


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“Downloadable content”. In other words micro transactions coming to a car near you. Can’t wait.

But I agree, upgraded and more responsive infotainment systems are long overdue.


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Fine choice of engine, but some of those demo screens seems unnecessarily flashy & busy in a system where safety (including driver attention) is priority #1.


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No other car company has stepped up to the level of updates and bug fixes that Telsa has, but even they are slow and rarely fix all the bugs. Software is the nemesis of today's cars. By and large in my opinion. Until the car makers get dead serious about updating their software, they will be the worst part of technology today.


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Next step: Adding Crysis mode, where at a random moment during driving your speedometer gets replaced by a random level from the game. You can control the character by moving the steering wheel and pedals. It should have minimal impact on your driving performance, except on highways.


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Sorry, no thanks! I don't want or need all that crap in a vehicle. I'd rather have a small display that IS NOT touch controlled. Buttons, knobs, dials are easier to use, if you need to use them while driving and are not as much of a distraction, as a full touch screen you have to look at, to figure out where to place your finger. To each their own, but I don't care for it.