Hertz gets into the vehicle subscription business, pricing starts at $999 per month

Shawn Knight

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Car rental company Hertz has become the latest to launch an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership.

Hertz My Car is an all-inclusive monthly vehicle subscription service. Initially launching in Atlanta and Austin, the service is available in two tiers. The $999 option grants access to full-size sedans, small SUVs and trucks while the $1,399 per month tier affords your choice of luxury sedan, regular SUV or large truck.

Subscriptions cover vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, damage and limited liability protection (after a $1,000 deductible). Customers can trade out their vehicle twice a month for another offering in their tier and get a 2,000 mile allotment each month (anything over 2,000 miles will be billed at $0.35 per mile).

There’s also a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $250 and if you want to swap out vehicles beyond the two complementary trades, it’ll cost you $75 per exchange.

It’s also worth noting that while you can travel out of state with your rental, you aren’t permitted to leave the country. Furthermore, rented vehicles can’t be used for ride-sharing services.

Hertz plans to expand to additional cities in the near future.

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TS Booster
I must be poor because those prices sound insane to me?
the worst part is that its cheaper than if you rent a car all day for the entire month. At 50$ per day it cost around 1500$. But for renting a super cheap car at your dealership would cost you a fraction of that so I rather rent a car at a dealership under 200$ than a 1000$ a month seriously but I'm sure theres a market for it.

On top of that it wont cost them more for it since they already have the cars and logistics setup


TS Evangelist
Starting at $1000? Seems steep to me as well, you may as well just pay something decent off for that sort of money.

When I was younger all I had was cheap cars, and they were honestly all great. I had knowledge at what I was looking at, but I just went for low mile good history vehicles. Age didn't matter, condition was priority.

It wasn't that hard to pick up 10-15 year old low milers for a few thousand bucks. Always sat inside a garage, driven a couple of times a week by old ladies going to the store.

I can't help but feel that is a better strategy for cheap motoring. It relies on you being able to spot a solid machine so you weren't hit by big maintenance, but I didn't find it difficult with a little research.

Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
WOW ..... and that price is intended to entice the buying public? Possibly in NYC if and only if it comes with a guaranteed parking space! LOL


TS Evangelist
You can buy a brand new Escalade for $1000 a month
In just three months? I'm not sure you'll be able to get a finance, lease, hp deal at that price for a duration of a few months for anything other than an old banger.


TS Rookie
I just went to Hertz website and can rent a full size sedan with unlimited miles for 1 month for $744, including taxes and fees.


TS Evangelist
"Furthermore, rented vehicles can’t be used for ride-sharing services."

This alone ruins the entire offer!


TS Guru
In just three months? I'm not sure you'll be able to get a finance, lease, hp deal at that price for a duration of a few months for anything other than an old banger.

Who exactly needs a car for 3 months? Travelers I suppose?


TS Guru
Who the hell is going to pay 1k a month to Hertz for a monthly rental? This is higher than most people's financed vehicles. Are they going to be loaning out high end Mercedes-Benz or Teslas? I don't see their business taking off at all.