Hey a good deal or not?

By clumzylerch
Jun 14, 2010
  1. Alright I always did console gaming until my sis got me into WorldOfWarcraft and than I got into other games as well. Any ways my pc before was not a gaming PC at all. Had to set everything on low to run WoW. But any ways went on craigslist just to search for a PC IF there was anything on craigslist. Lord behold I saw one that said gaming PC. Kinda funny cause she put ddr ram 2.7 ghz and so forth. I was like what???? But any ways she lived about 10 miles from me so I was like what the heck. Its was listed for 150bucks any ways. So called up and went to go check it out. It was not a stock computer at all. Here are the specs.
    Motherboard-Nforce 680i SLI
    CPU- intel core 2 cpu E6600 2.4ghz
    Video Card- PNY geforce 260GTX
    sound card- Turtle beach montego
    Ram- 6gig kingston 1066mhz ddr2 5-5-5-15
    OS- Windows 7 64bit

    Well lady knew nothing and I mean nothing about PCs. She bought it from a Auction for $50 and knew she could get atleast $150 for it. So I took it for $150. So what you guys think? Runs Crysis on 1920x1080 on ultra min fps 15. Average 19. Max 25. I tried overclocking the video card cause it was set to stock so downloaded rivatuner. I looked up to see what people had it set too and pretty much did the same as they did. I got up on average 22fps when overclocked than after awhile it drops all the way down to 10fps. So not sure whats causing that. I want to overclock the CPU but afraid to do so cause im not good with math number 1 and afraid of frying it. I know the cooling fan is not stock cause the darn thing is as big as my fist and has copper tubings going into the cpu. So any Ideas on overclocking. I know where to go into bios to change it just wish had someone beside me to make sure I dont fry the darn thing.
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    Thanks for that website. Well my goal is only 3.0 ghz. I saw that he lower hes multiplyer to 8. Is that better than 9? Also I can only change FSB to increase the MHZ on my CPU. So right now I am doing little by little. Kinda scary. But it was at 1066 fsb and raised it to 1100. So far seems stable so going to raise it to 1150. Wish me luck.Also failed to mention. My ram speed has decreased. Not sure why. I have everything set to auto voltage as well. Crap lol just no sure what I should do. Well how about this. Will there be a big difference in gaming if I did what that one dude did and pump my cpu to like 3.2 from a 2.4? I also found my cooling for my cpu. Zalman CNPS9700 LED Aluminum/Copper CPU Fan For LGA775
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