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Jun 4, 2007
  1. Hi... just joined. I'm the Technical Coordinator for an in-bound call centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Somewhere on my network there is a computer with an IP address of How can I find out what that computer's name is? I don't know what computer it physically is. I'd originally statically assigned that IP to a server and the DNS & DHCP records verify that. Then at some point, I started getting an IP address conflict which killed the NIC on the server from getting an IP. (remember, it was 54). I gave it a new address of 55 and the DNS/DHCP records verify but there's still an active connection to 54 somewhere coz I can ping it.

    Any ideas?
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    Are you on Active Directory?? If so go to the server, go to control panel, administrative tools, then DNS, then forward lookup zones, then your domain. That will give you a lost of all the IP's and computers on the network that have requested DNS
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    Tried their suggestions... doesn't help. I know the names of all the computers on my network. I have pinged all of them...none come up with IP 54. Yet, I can ping IP 54 and I get a response. That tells me there is a computer somewhere on my network that shouldn't be there. Somehow I need to find out what it's name is or where it is.
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    been there, done that... IP 54 does not show up.

    We also have a VPN incoming. Is it possible that a computer connected via VPN would have that IP and cause a conflict??? ( I doubt this but something is using IP 54 )
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