Hidden Registry Entries in Vista?

By x3100Gangsta
May 28, 2008
  1. I posted this on another site but TechSpot is much more active and this is a fairly general question, so I decided to try my luck here as well:

    So I installed 3DMark06 in order to switch a game from hardware rendering to software using the registry. I found _3DMark06.exe the first time with no problems, and was able to successfully switch some of my games to software mode.

    But now, and I haven't changed anything in the registry since, _3DMark06.exe can not be found anywhere in the registry. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3DMark (after a clean with regsupreme pro), and I still cannot find the entry. I even tried installing previous versions of the program and searching for _3dmark05.exe, etc. to no avail. It seems like they're hidden, or they all of a sudden don't exist. Since I'm new to Windows Vista there could be some kind of registry option I'm unaware of. Can anyone help me out here?
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