High CPU Usage in XP

By yeltzen
Oct 22, 2005
  1. Hi.
    First time posting so I'm not sure of what info I need to post, but I got a laptop with XP a few months ago, and just recently started noticing a problem. When I boot the computer up, the processor is working constantly. The processor light is solid as soon as I turn the computer on and it boots up very slowly, much, much slower than before. Once XP loads, the same thing happens as it loads up stuff for the system tray... again, it never took long before.

    In the task manager, the CPU usage is really weird... it changes between 10-30% when the computer is idle and no programs are open. When programs are running, I've noticed that some of the Mem Usage columns just climb and climb... they never go back down. Any time I do something in any program (i.e. open a new browser, go to a new page), the CPU usage jumps to between 90-100%.

    I've done everything included in this thread, and there was no change in performance.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. yeltzen

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    Tried the stuff in that link... no help, either. :(
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