High Ping For Others On My Server

By socalkcfan
Jan 25, 2004
  1. Hey guys I need some help here. When playing Halo online through my PC, I create a game or server using my Cable connection of at least 1g. with a Pent 4 and 1.5ghz. While playing the game my ping shows up at "0" but everyone else who joins my game shows a ping of "200-500". They also have complained of a lot of Lag and choppy game play while my game play is bitchen. Other than changing the settings at my end, ie: resolution, is there any advice you guys can give me ?? Thanks
  2. cslord15

    cslord15 TS Rookie Posts: 43

    It might just be your connection...
    If your upload speed is:

    128kbps - You can only play with 1-2 players max w/o lag
    256kbps - 3-6 players max w/o lag
    384kbps - 6-8 players max w/o lag
    768kbps - 10 players max w/o lag

    Anything above 10 players will be unplayable unless you are running a T1 or T3.
  3. cslord15

    cslord15 TS Rookie Posts: 43

    Also your gameplay will be "bitchen" because you are the Host, thus you have 0 ms ping, and no lag at all.
  4. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    Generally with cable internet access, your upload speeds are significantly lower than your download speeds. You may get one mb down, but you'll most likely never see that up. 128kbps upload is more like it for residential service.
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