Hijacked Google Search - 8 steps followed & logs attached

By xc3ss1v3
Jan 15, 2009
  1. Hello everyone...

    I am an IS technician for a large lawfirm. I've ran into a bit of a snag and would sincerely appreciate the help you guys offer. Let me also compliment you on all the work you have done for everyone visiting the board.

    The problem I've run into is... when performing a google search, the actual clickable HTML links and descriptions are correct, but the website listed with the description is wrong and therefore, obviously, does not take you where needed. For instance, if you do a search for our firm, it returns the proper results but the actual pages listed are mostly auction and sale websites. Let me know if you want a screenshot. Oddly enough, through all the scanning, I've found practically no evidence of spyware/malware. My guess is something small in the background listed in the HJT log. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. I've attached the logs.
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