Hijackthis log review request please IE/ task manager issues

By Decrypting
Apr 24, 2009
  1. Ok this is my first post here so if I have put this in the wrong place please acept my appologies but recently I have been having several minor "annoyances" 2 occurances of iexplorer.exe showing in my task manager, when running Secondlife anything else connected to the internet freezes and shows non responsive in the task manager however when I try to end task nothing happens and it doesnt end.

    I have run AVG scans, pcpitstop scans, now the freezing and non responsive in task manager only happens when running secondlife but the two IExplorer.exe is always there. This is a pretty new occurance maybe over the last week or so. I know I could just not use secondlife but Im more concered that it might be symptomatic of a deeper problem.

    I have run a hijackthis log for review, sorry for the lack of information in this post Im just at my wits end tryig to rack my brains and figure out what Im missing.

    If some of the obviously very helpful and far more knowlegable than me people on here could review the log and let me know if I have any reason for concern, many thanks.
  2. Bobbye

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    Since you are new here, allow me to help you out:

    First, you can have 2 or more iexplore.exe processes because you are using IE8. That's okay.
    But IE8 itself is a big, fat, bloated browser! Did you participate on Second Like previously, with an earlier version of IE or a different browser? Did you have a problem then?

    You also have some left over entries from a Symantec/Norton security program. Since you are using AVG, that, you should run the Norton Removal Tool HERE.

    Please give me some information about your system:
    1. How much RAM do you have installed?
    (Control Panel> System> System Properties> look for either ?MB or ?GB of RAM number)

    ( Second Life is a virtual world requiring an enormous use of resources. It's possible you do not have enough RAM or that what you do have may be bad.)
  3. Decrypting

    Decrypting TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your reply, yes I was using secondlife on IE7 and was having the same issue, I only installed IE8 maybe two or so days ago. And as far as the ram issue is concerned when I used to use secondlife on the same system I never had any issues before the two week period I mentioned.

    Just checked the RAM and I only have 960MB installed, to be honest never had any issues with the system before these last two weeks and have ahd it for several years now, maybe time to upgrade the RAM now I look at it was just a little concerned incase there was a underlying problem causing these sudden annoyances. However I used to be able to run scans have multiple actuve IEs running also have MSN and yahoo chats open without the CPU usage going over 20% so when suddently it was misbehaving I was wondering why.

    Would you recomend I go back to IE7? I was happy with it until the issues at which time I decided to uninstall secondlife, IE and reinstall them all getting IE8 instead of 7.
  4. Bobbye

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    IE8 isn't going to fix a problem with IE7. In fact, if any of our RAM is bad, it will make it worse. I doubt it's malware if you are only experiencing the problem with the one site.

    Please run the memtest:
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