HJT Log (former So... where's the party?)

By DunkDaddy
Aug 19, 2005
  1. So... where's the party?

    What? No Keg? ...that figures.

    I actually stumbled across this board while looking for a solution to a problem that has "popped" up on my Win98 system (Gateway Destiview) that I use for my primary entertainment system. It seems that I have now joined the club of unfortunate others that have aquired that little gem of a trojan that appears as a "Windows Security Center" warning of spyware infection. It reads something like this....

    WARNING: Windows Firewall detected suspicious network activity on your computer. Malicious software codes try to steal your pricacy information, such as credit card numbers, electronic mail accounts, financial data or passwords.
    Would you like to learn how to protect your computer?

    I've downloaded HJT and created a log which I will post next.
    Please look it over and if you can help me remove this little b-stard, GREAT!!

    Thanks in advance!
    Jake Dunkin
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    See my changes above
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