Home network, looking for server to share files between computers.

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Mar 6, 2007
  1. tipstir

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    True but didn't he say Pro for the Laptop that wasn't connecting.. The other are home yes they don't have those features so X-Setup would be the best bet to use Network login trick
  2. jobeard

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    this is opinon and not fact.
  3. wyrmwraith

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    Sorry for the confusion, it's a desktop (xp-home) which won't connect. The laptop(xp-pro) as well as another secondary desktop (xp-home) will connect to each other fine. This is the odd one out.
  4. tipstir

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    Try X-Setup on the home desktop and see if that works for you, but remember that desktop will login automatically when you reboot.
  5. jobeard

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    opinions vary on this subject :)
  6. jobeard

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    simple fyi documentation: XP/* defaults to workgroup name MSHOME, while Win/98 defaults to WORKGROUP
  7. wyrmwraith

    wyrmwraith TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Ok so i'm thinking i'll go xp pro just to keep things even, the LanSpy tool seems noteworthy so i'll throw that in the mix.

    No doubt this will probably make the process longer but i think overall may create more stability. I'm thinking it's good to have a clue about user permissions also.

    Now if only i could back the files up on the laptop :)
  8. tipstir

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    You can get one of those backup drives cheap, depending where you live. Yes the Lanspy tool is very handy, but it has some limits, that most home users won't notice. When I was using it on our work domain it won't work with computers named: WSSHR-ALBANLTR this is where it just won't work. I've tried the same computer name on WS_PINGPACK PRO nice program to use under Windows not for free though able to tell you if that computer name is active on the domain.

    Yes it's better to use XP Pro on every PC on your home network more stable connections..
  9. Nodsu

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    What a long thread.. And the solution, reinstall the OS? Heh!

    It's probably too late, but how about some systematic approach to things with thought in it instead of blindly following random steps?

    First, what you want the problematic machine to do? To share files or access resources shared by others?

    Let's assume the latter, OK?
    Starting from bottom up:
    Work with IP addresses only for now. Name resolution is an extra layer of confusion. Disable all your software firewalls. Even better if you just plain uninstall all firewalls, VPN software, packet sniffers. You can put stuff back when it works.

    - Does the server work? (Yes it does)

    - Can you ping the server? (Yes you can)

    - Can you reach the file services on the server?
    Try "telnet server.machine.ip.address 139". If you get a blank black window with a flashing cursor, then the network connection works.

    - The moment of truth.. Can you see the shares on the server?
    Put in \\server.ip.address in a Windows Explorer window.

    - Check whether you have Client for Microsoft Networks installed. (See the properties of your Local Area Connection and make sure you see the relevant entry and it has a check box in front of it). Uninstall and reinstall the component.

    - Check whether the Workstation service is running. (This and its dependencies is the only thing you need to access file shares).

    - See the Event Viewer for any errors pertaining to Workstation service or any of the dependencies.

    Try that stuff and back with results.
  10. wyrmwraith

    wyrmwraith TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    I really didn't want to go that far. Jobeard mentioned a few services of which two were set to manual rather than automatic, at this point i could ping the other address. I can say it wasn't a firewall issue, it's possible Client for Microsoft Networks was the issue.

    : I just installed xp-pro. Definately food for thought, will keep in mind when adjusting dependencies this install. I am thinking maybe I should take a more conservative approach to resource managemen and security.
  11. wyrmwraith

    wyrmwraith TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Now i'm having a wtf moment. The laptop is asking for username and password for access to the network although no passwords are set for login.
    I assume this is due to user permissions, if anyone can be stuffed could you walk me through the process.

    Can connect to telnet however system shares is username password error.
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